Science & Nature Combined

We are the one stop shop for natural hair care and skin care. We’ve all heard the famous adage “beauty comes from within”. At Wellada, we’ve taken this wisdom and applied it to the science of cosmetics. It starts with our 100% hand-selected and natural ingredients.

The advantages of natural ingredients, as opposed to synthetic serums and creams, is in mother nature’s biology – not by altering our body chemistry, but enhancing our natural function; collaborating with the body by empowering active ingredients to support healthy skin and hair growth.
We care about your body from the inside out. It’s not just about the appearance of healthy skin and hair, our products work within our bodies’ natural bounds to boost and unlock its full potential. We call this biocompatibility.

We work with chemists, biologists and botanists to cultivate the most developed natural skincare formulas science has to offer. Our products are suited for all skin types and help in hair treatment for dry hair thereby providing a natural look.

Our Customers Love Us

Love this product!!!! I have fine, AZ dry heat, colored hair and these products make it so soft and silky. The scent is light and refreshing, not perfume! A little product of any of the 3 goes a long way. Even after hiking or working out in the AZ heat my sweaty hair still smells nice.

oregongibson, Amazon.ca

Really works. My ponytail is thicker and there is less hair in my brush & on the floor. Also helps sooth your scalp and smells good.

mink8, Amazon.ca
Loved this product!!!! Deserves Great Value!!!! Awesome results
joeinquisitiveb..., Amazon.ca
Excellent product for thinning hair. I use this on a regular.
n_colon79, Amazon.ca
Worked great in my blond. This product has some magic powers, great can’t guess how it works. My hair is blond and from United Kingdom. bought my second bottle too.
pill_sm, Amazon.ca

Cool product. I doubt that this will not work on me and I just used it for 6 weeks, how wonder it works. I have before and after my hair pics it is not possible to post theme here if its i will post them here to see.

qa.isa9, Amazon.ca
Lifesaver. Awesome product never seen such an effective product before.. Saved my hair fall in NZ… I Cnt live widout tis oil awsm product thnx for making this product.
kau7852-zmx50, Amazon.ca
Best product. Best product , which I used ever.
nus-shaeer, Amazon.ca
This has some special powers to grow hair.
2014rskuma, Amazon.ca

Gifts Given Naturally

Many synthetic treatments can hair and skin to become overly dry and lifeless through the cleansing process. Instead of stripping the natural oils, our unique blend of botanical extracts supports in balancing natural oil levels. Our ingredients not only provide immediate aesthetic improvements, but also meet the demanding and ever-evolving needs of your unique biology.

Your body is beautiful. Consider how unique you are. Everything about you is special; from your fingerprint, eye color, skin tone and hair texture. Think about the beauty of your mind and how it stores memories, beliefs and concepts.

It is our sacred duty to love, nurture and heal. We do this because we deeply believe there is no better way than the natural way. You’re worth it.

Ingredients Matter.